Our trip to Vindolanda
Our Romans topic took us to the Roman Fort at Vindolanda. We had an amazing day and enjoyed the glorious sunshine whilst we learnt even more about Roman life and Hadrian’s Wall. We explored the ruins, listened to a talk and retained lots of gruesome facts.

We also visited the Roman Army Museum where we had great fun learning Latin after being taught by a holographic teacher.


KS2 children along with children from the other local schools spent the day in and around Keswick learning all about the WW2 and the impact it had on the town.

They began the day watching film footage at Keswick Cinema then moved on to Keswick Museum for an informative chat with a gentleman who lived in London during the Biltz, a town trail and actifact handling. After lunch they expeienced WW2 games, singing and dancing!


Year 6 Leavers

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous evening at Nichol End Marina to celebrate their time at Bassenthwaite School. Everybody kayaked on the lake and finished off with homemade pizzas in the cafe.