Who’s Who

This is the list of Bassenthwaite School’s staff and their many roles.

Mrs Sara Royle 
Head Teacher, Child Protection Officer, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Staff Development Officer, Science Leader, Humanities Leader, MFL leader, Y5/6 Teacher

“Mrs Sara Royle has been our head teacher at Bassenthwaite School for 13 years and thoroughly enjoys coming to school each day. Mrs Royle’s hobbies are reading, acting, dog walking and going to the theatre. Her favourite holiday spot is the Isle of Harris in Scotland. She has three daughters called Abbie, Lois and Emily who are all away at university! Mrs Royle teaches the junior children. She is kind and helpful.”
By Jack


Mrs Anneli Pickering
Senco, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Numeracy Leader, Creative Arts Leader, KS2 Teacher

Mrs Pickering currently teaches in KS2. She has taught here and nowhere else for a long time. She loves the small friendly classes and enjoys the sporty playtimes were she sits on her bench enjoying the countryside view of Skiddaw. In her free time she goes to lots of places with her four boys and she enjoys shopping for clothes or cooks different foods at home. She likes writing emails to her friends and loves reading. Her favourite holiday resort is her caravan with all her boys. She has had some funny moments back at school like when she trialled the new slide she said it was fast!!!! An embarrassing moment was when she kissed Santa in front of all the children.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs Victoria Parr

PE Leader,  part time EYFS and KS1 teacher.

Mrs Parr has been working at Bassenthwaite School for many years too.  This year she works on a |Thursday and Friday.  She loves working here because of the friendly atmosphere and children.

Mrs Parr has two young boys and a little girl. She loves to read books and cook.

She loves to go to Australia and see her best friend during the holidays. At school Mrs Parr says that her most embarrassing moment was when we visited the Calvert trust and she went on the pull swing and we pulled her right to the top.



Miss Rebecca Lyle
Part-time  EYFS teacher, Literacy Leader and KS1 teacher .

Miss Lyle works at Bassenthwaite School as a part time teacher and Teaching assistant in our Ducklings Nursery. She is a qualified Early Years teacher and has worked here since our Nursery opened in 2014.


 Miss Donna Hook


Part time Teaching Assistant – KS1 in the mornings and KS2 in the afternoons.

Miss Hook is a part time teaching assistant, working in the afternoons. She will work with children of all age groups and will support children in small groups and individuals, as well as working alongside the class teachers in curriculum work. Miss Hook also runs after school club along with Miss Winter.


Mrs Louise Lord
Office Administrator

“Mrs Lord is our school secretary. She has worked at Bassenthwaite school for over ten years. Her work consists of keeping the school records up to date, school  finances, and all other administration issues, using the latest forms of technology.

This is her first school she has worked in since being a full time mum.

Away from school she spends many hours relaxing, doing DIY tasks which her sister got her into.

One of her  favourite holiday memories was diving in Australia. She saw sharks, ray fish and sting-rays.

Her funniest moment is coming to school singing Scotty and Lulu songs to the teachers.”



Mrs Ruth Barnes
mrs barnscropedJanitor

Mrs Barnes has lived in Bassenthwaite for all her life and has worked at the school for quite a while now.  Mrs Barnes is our cleaner/caretaker.


Her favourite holiday spot is in Wales and she is a farmer as well.