The school is equipped with desk top computers, laptops and tablets which are used to support all areas of the curriculum. Word processing is used to publish children’s work and communicate information, data handling programmes are used to construct graphs and problem solving is explored through the use of published software and logo activities.

We are linked through a Keswick School broadband network with other primary schools in our cluster, facilitating exchange of information and access via email, and enabling speedier IT problem-solving locally. “Moodle”, our school’s virtual learning environment is used at KS2 for children to access some of their work and we have Smartboards in each teaching area to add sparkle to our lessons.


Multimedia Presentation

In this unit the children learn to create a multimedia presentation using text, images and sounds.

Take a look at some of the Christmas presentations the Year 5/6 children have designed and constructed. (These files are best viewed using a broadband connection!):

My Advent Calender
tn_The Story of Father Christmas
The Nativity Story

Year 6 Boys’ Claymation

Please click on the links below to view the children’s clay animations, which have been entered into the achievement in ICT awards.
Monster Madness
Trickster in Football Trouble
Year 6 Boys’ Faces
Year 6 Girls’ Faces


Writing for different audiences

In this unit children learn that ICT can be used to organise, develop and explore ideas, and that working with information in this way can aid understanding.

Here are a sample of some articles children have been writing in year 4:

Successful relay team