We nurture the love of books throughout the school. A committed home/school link exists to promote reading progress and reinforce strategies taught in school. Children at EYFS and Key Stage 1 follow  a daily programme of systematic synthetic phonics and use a variety of materials to enhance this area. Key stage 1 children use the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ a lively humorous scheme (along with books from other schemes), which progresses to ‘Tree Tops’  and free readers for Key Stage 2 children.

Pupils use ‘Phonics Play” and DFE Letters and Sounds to support phonics, comprehension and vocabulary extension. They are encouraged to read for a variety of purposes for pleasure, information retrieval and research. We aim to link Literacy texts to work in other curriculum subjects and always celebrate World Book Day.

We use Accelerated Reading as an assessment measure checking children’s understanding of what they have read.


maths 015The acquisition of proficient written recording skills is an essential goal for our pupils. They are encouraged to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. They learn to write in different genres; to record the results of investigations and research, write letters and factual reports and use writing as a media to express their creativity.

Teachers model writing to the pupils and give them the input to become a successful writer during a class session. Various techniques gleaned from Ros Wilson, Jane Considine and Rob Smith (Literacy Shed) are utilised throughout school.  This practice has been understood to improve writing skills and forms a strong backbone for learning correct usage of grammar and punctuation.

Pupils also learn to publish their work, using the computers in our I.C.T. areas.


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening are fundamental to learning and as such great emphasis is placed on these skills. They can be acquired across the whole curriculum. We pride ourselves in the fact that when putting on shows, performances and end of year productions, that all our children take part, from Reception up to Year 6.