School Tour

Have a look at the photographs below, which show you around Bassenthwaite School. The space we have both inside and outside enable us to provide a rich and varied curriculum for our children.

The head teacher, Sara Royle’s office is located next to the main entrance. The entrance hall / reception area houses the school library and provides a quiet space for reading.  The entrance hall/library leads to the small junior class room, the main large junior class room, the sports / dinner hall and the playground. Childrens lockers are in the school hall and Junior coat pegs can be found in the entrance hall.
Quiet Classroom

The Small Junior Classroom

We use this room for a variety of things.We like reading in here and doing art and craft work. Our topics are always very exciting. We have a wonderful smart board that can help us in all kinds of ways.  There are cushions on the floor so we can be comfortable when we are reading.  All the juniors use this classroom.

The sports hall

What we use the hall for

We use our sports to a great advantage with all our P.E. lessons, meals, after school clubs, assemblies and our school plays which everyone is included in and  enjoys.

Written by Elody