Rotary Engineering Competition

Some Year 6 pupils took part in a Rotary engineering competition in June.
They were given a brief on working in teams, then learned how filters worked using different filter media then they had to build a frame for filters using cheap & cheerful materials like plastic bottles, duct tape, electrical ties, scrap wood, cloth etc. The second challenge was to find out which filter medium worked fastest and which produced the cleanest water – measured on a home-made opalometer. They then had to design a free-standing water filter “plant” using a combination of media “scientifically” combined i.e records to show depth V speed & clarity. The plant was tested and the winning team with clearest water and most volume in 2 mins was the winner!
Thanks #keswickrotary for organising!!


The Forbidden Corner
KS2 children had a very exciting school visit to The Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire this summer. The place was originally built as a folly and there were many mazes and secret passages for us to get lost in. Luckily, we managed to get everyone back on the bus for the return journey to school.


Year 6 Leavers

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous evening on the Keswick Launch, golfing and eating a chip supper to celebrate their time at Bassenthwaite School.